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Et in altum provectus technology internationalis productio qualis

  • Youxing Shark,with more than 20 years history,is specializing in the production of new material polyurethane sealant and new material jigsaw glue,Products of high water and weather resistance,high strength,widely used in construction and wood industry.

    Qui sumus

    PISTRIS Youxing cum magis quam XX annis historiae, est specialiter in productio et novum materia polyurethane sealant et nova materia jigsaw munera gluten et tempestatem aquae Products ex magno certamine in magno robore, et lignum late usus est in constructione industria.

  • Shark brand, with its innovative technology, high quality for customers to provide more environmental adhesive.

    Business nostri

    PISTRIS notam, cum suis innovative technology, summus qualis environmental tenaces pretium ad magis providere.

  • In the future, we will cooperate strongly with relevant fine chemical companies to create a whole industry chain system, create core values in the national emerging strategic green building materials bonding program research and development...

    Strategy nostri

    In futura, hoc pertinet finis est valde mutua adiutricis operae chemical industria torquem societates creare totum systema, core valores partum a nationalibus investigationis et progressionem emergentes opportuna viridi aedificium progressio materiae compages ...

De nobis
Youxing shark

Youxing CAETUS (Shanghai) Science Technology & Co, Ltd notam in eadem industria enumerantur.

Turba innovative quod focuses in investigationis et progressionem materia de novo polyurethane sealant / materiales sealant integrated nova materia, et late usus est in patria sua products sunt emergentes industria materiae opportuna viridi aedificium ...

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